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The Malta College of Family Doctors 

Ten years of success
Dr Philip Sciortino, Head, Malta UEMO Delegation

The Malta College of Family Doctors is now ten years old and can look back with pride as it is in the process of fulfilling its four main objectives according to its business plan, ie, to setup and nurture the college, ten years of uninterrupted Continued Medical Education, a Department for General Practice in the University of Malta and the responsibilities listed in the College statute are as follows:


to promote high standards in family medicine in Malta;

to encourage the provision of a high standard of teaching anc training for undergraduate medical students who may become engaged in family medicine in Malta;

to support organisations or bodies, either within or without the structure of the College, designed to further the object foi which the College is established;

to conduct, direct, encourage, support or provide for research in matters relating to family medicine and encourage publications on this subject;

undertake or assist others in undertaking courses or other educational activities designed to enhance the knowledge and skil of medical practitioners;

grant diplomas or other certificates of proficiency or standarc in family medicine and carry out such assessments as may b} necessary to further this aim;

diffuse information on all matters relating to family medicine through publications and other media and hold such meetings, conferences, seminars and instructional courses as may assist the object of the College;

to direct public opinion in Malta in relating to family medicine;

to pursue such other activities as are deemed to be consonant with the aims of the College;

to establish a register of members of the college and to publishand revise the same from time to time. Soon after its foundation the College established a programme of continuing professional development which consists of three day meetings held in each term of the academic year.College membership is voluntary and open to medical practitioners fully licensed to practise medicine in Malta, and who are engaged or concerned with the practice of family medicine. Continuing membership, however, is subject to attaining sufficient continuing medical education credits over a 12 month period as determined from time to time by the Council. Accreditation units are gained through both active as well as passive participation in educational activities.The Malta College of Family Doctors has reached a preliminary agreement with the University of Malta to set up an ad hoc committee to advise the University about further measures needed to eventually set-up a Department of Family Medicine within the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malta. A Teacher Training Programme in collaboration with the RCGP and a Teachers Group are in the pipeline for 1999. Further developments in this area are to be expected this year.In 1995 the College set up a sub-committee with the purpose of proposing a Basic Data Set for Computerised Medical Records System. 

The sub-committee has finalised its work and submitted its proposed 'Minimum Data Set' in May 1996. It is now modifying a well tested electronic medical records software system for the local general practice.The main aim of the College is to raise standards of family medicine in Malta. With this in mind the College has resolved to actually suggest ways and means, by which it is envisaged that doctors who want to specialise in family medicine can do so in Malta by receiving specific training based on assessment of competence to a standard compatible with independent practice and eligibility for appointment to a consultant post. To this end the College approved a Specialist Training Sub-Committee which has recently provided a document proposing a training scheme of three years duration for specialist in family medicine.The College, in conjunction with the Medical Association of Malta, has just finished an interim conceptual proposal about a structured primary healthcare system for the Maltese population. Within the next two years, Maltese patients will be able to benefit from a radically upgraded primary healthcare system.The College has an excellent relationship with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) in London, is a full member of WONCA, and a member of the European General Practice Research Workshop. It is a founder-member of WONCA Region Europe The European Society of General Practice/Family Medicine. It publishes a quarterly newsletter and a College journal twice a year.

For more informations, contact Malta College of Family Doctors, St Philip's Hospital. St Venera HMR 16, Malta. Tel: 00 356 44 22 11 Fax: 00 356 44 06 30 E-mail: [email protected] Website:

The Medical Association of Malta

Dr Philip Sciortino

Head, Malta UEMO Delegation


Historical note

The Medical Association of Malta is both a professional association and a trade union representing all doctors in Malta. It started as the Medical Officers' Union in 1954 under the presidency of Dr Vincent Tabone. In 1956, agreement was reached with the Government on the enactment of legislation which eventually established the Medical Council, the Advisory and Executive Board and the St Luke's Hospital Management Committee. In 1965, the Union changed its name and became the Medical Association of Malta, which currently enjoys sole negotiating rights for the medical profession in Malta.



The principal objectives of the Association are:

to regulate relations between members in the medical profession and their employers or employers' associations;

to unite all members of the medical profession and to safeguard their interest;

to provide advice and assistance to the members in their mutual relations, with the Government and with other authorities and organisations;

to provide a spokesperson for any member seeking the assistance of the Association;

to promote and maintain the efficiency and the prestige of the medical profession and the medical services in Malta;

to promote cultural, scientific and social activities and to study bioethical problems.

Current issues

The Association is currently engaged in discussions concerning:

renewal of the agreement regarding remuneration and conditions of work of government employed doctors;

professional indemnity;

human resources problems in health centres and hospitals;

the Merit Award Scheme;

revision of the statute;

the building of a new state hospital;

reform of primary care.


A committee elected every two years is entrusted with the management of the Association. This consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, International Secretary, Treasurer and five other members, provided that at least one member shall have been nominated for election in representation of each of the following categories:

consultant medical officers in full-time employment with Government and medically qualified academic staff at the University;

senior registrar and senior house officer;

house physician/house surgeon;

doctor employed in a Government health centre;

doctor employed in a Government service (eg, doctor engaged in community, school, port, prison or other medical services not included in the above categories);

specialist in private practice;

general practitioner in private practice. The above arrangement ensures that the elected committee represents adequately each section of the profession. Membership of the Association is voluntary.


The Association is affiliated to the:

World Medical Association (WMA)

Permanent Standing Committee of Doctors of the EU (CP)

European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS)

European Union of General Practitioners (UEMO)

Permanent Working Group of European junior Doctors (PWG)

Commonwealth Medical Association (CMA)

European Academy for Containing Medical Education

EU Standing Committee for Physicians

International Federation of Catholic Medical Association


Malta Federation of Professional Bodies (MFPB)

Confederation of Malta Trade Unions (CMTU). 


For inoi't' iitfoi'iiittliini: 7'tic Medical Association of Malta, Malta Federation nj I'lv/cssiunal Bodies Centre, Alamein Road, Pembroke STJ 07, Malta. Tel: 00 .356 37 88 51 Fax: 00 356 37 65 40 
[email protected]


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