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MOTESZ was established in 1996. It is based upon the voluntary union of medical and Dental professional and natural scientific and sociological associates directly related to them.MOTESZ encourages the development of Hungarian public healthcare assisting the autonomous member societies in their common attempts, representing the common interests of member societies and their professional interests at national and international level. MOTESZ presents and protects the scientific education, promoting practical use of scientific achievements as well as promoting and co-ordinating the activity of member societies on a federal basis.

The main activities of MOTESZ are :

• drafting standpoints in forming the policy concerning medical professional activities that serve common interests;

• elaborating proposals on topics of scientific education in the areas of medical, professional and continue medical education;

• for the sake of Euro-Atlantic integration, MOTESZ establishes and maintains contacts with international organisations and promotes the development of national and international relations of the member societies.

MOTESZ is informally consulted by the government and is represented on the appropriate government committees. There are some 5,000 general practitioners (GPs) whose interests are represented by MOTESZ as members.The professional representation became much more stronger in 1998 when we signed the agreement with four Hungarian medical universities: as part of this we brought the heads of the medical universities' GP departments together who represent the profession in the European Union of General Practitioner? (UEMO). The continuing medical education (CME) and speciality examination take place in these universities.

The Secretary-General of MOTESZ is the General Director of the Hungarian Institute of primary healthcare. The President of Hungarian General Practitioners Scientific Association is a UEMO working group member and a member of the MOTESZ International Committee as well.This agreement is also to collaborate in the areas referring to regulation drafts, organising scientific congresses, exhibitions and forums, as well as international activities.The membership of MOTESZ is continuously growing and there are 85 societies at present. This also means that we are in a position to articulate the opinions and interests of some 27,000 Hungarian physicians and scientists to operate with the utmost efficiency either at a national or international level.Such a homogeneous presentation of professionals only exists within MOTESZ. The main object of the MOTESZ is to create the conditions of the internal co-ordination between the profession in the medical field. For this reason we organise interdisciplinary forums six to seven times a year, providing an opportunity for the societies' to air their professional opinions to each other.First published six years ago, the MOTESZ magazine became monthly and we send it to our members personally. Healthcare policy matters and Hungarian scientific results are its main topics, contributing to the furthering of the physicians' professional and healthcare policies knowledge.

International contacts:

• in 1988, MOTESZ got a membership status of the World Medical Association (WMA);

• in 1991, we became one of the founders of EFMA and the World Health Organization (WHO);

• in 1991, we obtained observer status in CP;

• in 1993, we became associate members of UEMS;

since 1994, we have had observer status in UEMO;

• in 1991, we got a membership status in EANA.

Our delegates regularly represent MOTESZ in the meetings of these organisations.The preparation of the wide range of activities, the supply of operational terms and conditions, and the execution of duties are carried out by well-organised office staff, the excellent professional apparatus and its bodies (the Presidium with 9 members, the Federal Council with the representatives of member societies, ad hoc and permanent committees). MOTESZ is located in the administrative district of Budapest, next to the Parliament.


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