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The German delegation of the European Union of General Practitioners (UEMO) consists of three medical associations under the leadership of the Hartmannbund — German Medical Association, one of the active  founding members of UEMO. The three medical associations are:

Berufsverband der Allgemeinarzte Deutschlands — Hausarzte-verband — e.V.(BDA)
Theodor-Heuss-Ring 14,50668 Koln;Tel: 0221/1 60670,Fax: 0221/1606735

NAVVirchow-Bund e.V.
(Verband der niedergelassenen Arzte Deutschlands, Virchow-Bund DAZ) e.V.,Belfortstr. 9    50668 Koln;
Tel: 0221/9730050,Fax: 0221/7391239

Hartmannbund —Verband der Arzte Deutschlands e.V.
Godesberger Allee 54,53175 Bonn,Tel: 0228/81 04-0,Fax: 0228/8104-1 55

The BDA is an association of general practitioners (GP), has voluntary membership and is composed of 17 independent Landes associations. Its aims are essentially:

• the defence of GPs on a national and international level;

• the promotion of the professional and economic interests of GPs;

• the promotion of research and teaching in the field of general practice;

• the integration and working coordination of family practitioners organisations in Germany. Its journals are Zeitschrift fur den Hausarzt published 20 times/year and Der All^emeinarzt published 18 times/year. Editor's Office:Theodor-Heuss-Ring 14 50668 Koln Tel: 0221/1 60670 Fax:0221/1 606735

The BDA joined UEMO in 1982. Its representatives are: Dr Heinz jarmatz, DrVolker von der Damerau-Dambrowski and Robert Festersen.

The NAVVirchow-Bund is an association of doctors in ambulatory care (GPs, specialists and dental surgeons), has voluntary membership and is composed of 15 Landes associations. The principal objectives of the NAVVirchow-Bund are:

• the defence of the interests of doctors in ambulatory care;

• the safeguarding and promotion of free medical practice, free access to the medical establishment and free choice of doctors by the population. Its monthly journal is Der niedergelasseneArzt. Editor's office:

WPM —Wirtschafts- und Praxisverlag Amalienstr. 28 80333 Miinchen Tel: 089/2805124 Fax: 089/2805129

The NAVVirchow-Bund joined UEMO in 1969. Its representatives in UEMO are Dr Maximilian Zollner, Dr Martin Junker, and Ute Leutloff-Simons.

The Hartmannbund —Verband der Arzte Deutschlands e.V. is an association for all doctors regardless of their medical speciality or workplace, has voluntary membership and is composed of 1 7 Landes associations. Its aims are essentially:

• to defend the professional, economic and social interests of its members;

• to promote health and high quality care for the individual and the population as a whole;

• to safeguard the free choice of doctors;

• to safeguard the physician's independence in his or her professional exercise, medicine as a liberal profession and the free establishment of doctors. Its official monthly journal is the Hartmannbund Magazin. Editor's office:

Godesberger Allee 54,531 75 Bonn;Tel: 0228/8104-0, Fax: 0228/8104-155

The Hartmannbund, Germany, founded UEMO in 1967 together with partner associations in Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Italy. Its representatives in UEMO are DrThomas Lipp, Dr KunoWinn and Merte Bosch.


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