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The Austrian Medical Association

The Austrian Medical Association is, by virtue of law, the umbrella organisation of all Austrian State Medical Associations. In Austria, there is one for each state, ie, nine State Medical Associations.
It is provided by law that all doctors exercising their profession, either in the hospital or on a self-employed basis in their practice, including doctors in training (interns) and dental doctors, are members of the State Medical Association, to which they belong according to their place of residence.The Medical Association, representing the interests of the medical profession, is heard not only by authorities, but also by legislative bodies in all matters concerning doctors. It is, in addition, incumbent on the Medical Association to keep the medical register, in which all doctors licensed for medical practice are listed. In Austria, it is the Austrian Medical Association which supervises the postgraduate training of doctors and is also the licensing institution.Furthermore, the Austrian Medical Association is the legal bargaining partner in the negotiations of fees for self-established doctors, with the respective social insurance institutions. The Medical Association determines together with the respective social insurance institutions the placement of new practices, and contracts with social health insurance, as well as the candidate to which the contract will be awarded.In the case of employed doctors, the Austrian Medical Association has in most of the states the function of a union. In all states the Medical Association negotiates the special fees for doctors in hospitals treating and attending patients, who are privately insured.Finally, each State Medical Association runs a pension fund providing disability and old age pension benefits to doctors.

Organisation and structure of the Medical Associations
Every four years the doctors in all Austrian states elect themembers of the Plenary Assembly, which is done in three electoral bodies, ie, one for the doctors in training (interns), one for specialists and one for general practitioners. Following this vote, the Plenary Assembly elects the Board of Management, as well as the president and the vice-presidents (presidential body).The presidents and vice-presidents of all State Medical Associations constitute the Plenary Assembly of the Austrian Medical Association. Within the Board of Management of the Austrian Medical Association larger states are represented with several members of their presidential body, smaller states with one member of their presidential committee. The President of the Austrian Medical Association is elected by the Plenary Assembly of the Austrian Medical Association.


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