UEMO History

In 1967, the general practice associations of the then six Member States of the European Economic Community assembled in Paris to establish the European Union of General Practitioners ( UEMO ). 

With this, general practice achieved a voice throughout the Community and, in time, this would prove the political voice of general practice, both of the European Union and of Europe as a whole.  At that time, general medical practice had only begun to emerge as a new central discipline of the profession, and was far from recognised in Europe. 

The problems of general practice had only begun to be taken up for serious discussion. Years would pass before a sub-committee on general practice was established in the Standing Committee of European Doctors (C ), and when the first directives for mutual recognition of medical credentials were adopted in 1975, no real account was taken of general practice. It would take another decade before the UEMO struggle to fill the gap would achieve its first major success - in 1986 - with the adoption of the European Directive, guaranteeing a minimum  standard of training for general practitioners in Europe. 

Presidencies of UEMO (1967-2010)

1967-1971 Belgium
Dr. Fussen, President; Dr. Malfliet, Secretary General
1972-1979 Netherlands
Dr. Van Rijn, President; Dr. van der Leeuw, Secretary General
1980-1982 France
Dr.Beaupère,President; Dr. Lavolée,Secretary General
1983-1986 United Kingdom
Dr.Rowe,President; Dr.Josse, Secretary General
1987-1990 Germany
Dr.Pfaff, President; Dr.Hoch, Secretary General, Dr.Thomas/Dr Winn,Treasurer
1991-1994 Denmark
Dr. Asbiorn Jensen, President; Dr Schioler,Secretary General;
Dr Laerkesen Holm,Treasurer
1995-1998 Ireland 
Dr Cormac Macnamara, President; Dr Norman Murphy, Secretary General; Dr Garret    Hayes,Treasurer; Dr Larry Fullam,
Deputy Secretary General
1998-1999 Portugal
1999-2001 Italy
Dr Claudio Cricelli, President; Raffaella Michieli, Head of Secretariat; Dr. Lamberto  Pressato, Treasurer; Ms Giovanna Lucherini, Deputy Secretary General
2002-2006 Sweden
Dr Christina Fabian, President
Dr Carl-Eric Thors, Secretary General
Dr Benny Ståhlberg, Treasurer
Ms Elisabeth Sundström, Executive Secretary
2006-2010 Portugal
Dr Isabel Caixeiro, President
Dr Luís Filipe Gomes, Secretary General
Dr Manuela Caixeiro, Treasurer
Ms Carla de Sousa, Executive Secretary